Mobile Crisis Team

The Howard County Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) is available free of charge to any Howard County resident or individual present in Howard County at the time of a mental health crisis by calling 410-531-6677.  MCT is a partnership with the Howard County Police Department and Grassroots.  During hours of operation, MCT staff are able to respond to psychiatric crisis identified by the Police.  Two mental health professionals go to where the individual is located and explore suitable support to de-escalate the crisis and help the person in trouble.  If there is an issue of safety, the team is able to gain police assistance to have the person transported to the emergency room at Howard County General Hospital for a thorough psychiatric evaluation.  The Mobile Crisis Team is available by calling 410-531-6677 or by calling the police at 911 and requesting the Mobile Crisis Team.  MCT will refer the individual and family members to available community resources and follow-up to assure linkage.

MCT Hours of Operation

9 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week