PRP services include a full range of rehabilitation activities and supports provided by a direct-service staff, under the supervision of a licensed or appropriately certified rehabilitation specialist. Services for adults are organized to facilitate an individual’s recovery which includes the ability to make decisions about life and create opportunities for choice regarding home, school or work and community. Services for minors will facilitate an individual’s development of independent living and social skills including making decisions and creating opportunities for choice to the degree that is age and developmentally appropriate regarding home, school or work and community. Rehabilitation will support and promote the use of community resources to promote and strengthen community integration for minors and adults. CSC will develop individualized service plans in collaboration with the consumer and, as appropriate, the parent or legal guardian and other collaborating service providers as authorized. Target Group: minors age 13-18; adults age 19-35; open to all eligible regardless of age. Will serve individuals with co-occuring diagnosis of intellectual disability.

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