Crisis beds provide 24/7 intensive mental health treatment and support services that are designed to provide clinical support to an individual in a psychiatric crisis. Crisis beds can be used as an alternative to in-patient hospitalization, when appropriate, or as a step-down from an in-patient psychiatric unit when the individual needs continued clinical support post-discharge. An individual is eligible for a Crisis Bed if he or she:
a) is over 18 years of age,
b) has a diagnosis of a serious mental illness,
c) due to acute symptomatology related to the individual’s psychiatric condition, has impaired ability to function within the individual’s community living situation and is in need of a crisis bed to avoid inpatient psychiatric admission or to shorten the length of inpatient stay,
d) for clinical reasons, if it is felt that the individual needs a temporary separation from the current living situation,
e) has agreed to be referred to a crisis bed,
f) expects, with staff support, to be able to comply with treatment recommendations, and
g) is able, with staff support, to care for physical needs and basic personal hygiene.

Historically, Crisis Beds have been funded by the public mental health system and not by private insurance. However, the Howard County Mental Health Authority has received a grant from the Horizon Foundation to cover the cost of Crisis Beds for the county residents who meet the eligibility requirements for this service but do not receive Medical Assistance/Medicaid (MA). This grant will allow HCMHA to gather data on those individuals who need this service but who are not eligible for MA but may be uninsured or covered by private health insurance.

To access Crisis Beds, please call (410) 418-4048, fax # (410) 418-4019.