Humanim’s Community Housing Program is designed to assist individuals in achieving independence within the community through assisting you with support for your mental health condition and by providing a stable place to live. The Community Housing Program provides support services that promote a person’s ability to engage and participate in community activities, and in a supportive environment, improve and restore independent living and social skills necessary to support an individual’s recovery, ability to make informed decisions and choices, and participate in community life. Using input from evidence-based assessments, along with the person’s active participation, a person-centered Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) will be developed; identifying goals and objectives that reflect needed areas of development and preferences. Services are individualized with the objective of moving the person, as soon as possible, to a more independent living situation; either within the program or moving them into their own residence. Services Available: Affordable subsidized housing, based on the individual’s needs and income; Strength identification; Person-centered and strengths based goal development; Coaching and accountability towards goal achievement; Rehabilitative counseling; Education about mental health conditions and treatment; Assistance developing coping skills; Supportive counseling and problem solving; Life skills training in all domains of community life; Medication Management Services; Case Management; Primary care integration through enrollment in our Health Homes (Wellness Integration) Program; 24 Hour Crisis
Response and Intervention Services; Benefits Counseling and Entitlements Management; Vocational and employment services through enrollment in our Evidenced Based Supported Employment Program; Community integration activities.