Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PRP) Services at Humanim provide a safe and therapeutic environment for individuals with mental illness. The primary aim of services is to empower individuals to manage their illnesses, develop their own goals for recovery and make informed decisions about their treatment by teaching them the necessary knowledge and skills to live healthy, successful lives in the community. Services are primarily divided into three domains including education, vocation, and illness management. Services are delivered through community integration and psychosocial group programming derived from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s (SAMHA) Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) Evidenced Based Practice. Services are specifically designed and implemented to: Support the recovery, health and/or well-being of the persons served, enhance the quality of life of the persons served, reduce symptoms or needs and build resilience, restore and/or improve quality of life, support the integration of persons served into the community, promote self-advocacy, increase access to non-disability related social resources, increase Community Integration, offer cultural, spiritual and self-help opportunities, and increase independence on and access to public transportation.