The Early Childhood Mental Health program can help child care providers and early childhood educators with children ages 0-5 years of age that have difficult and disruptive behavior. CARE Center behavior specialists work on site and provide observations and consultations with families and educators to provide intervention and support to decrease challenging behaviors such as:

      Trouble following directions
      Hard to soothe
          Difficulty forming relationships/developing friendships

The CARE Center’s behavior specialists work on these issue with the goal of keeping children in care, therefore giving them a better chance to enter school ready to learn. The CARE Center can answer questions about school readiness and success in school, positive youth development, community services, concerns about your child’s emotional or mental health, difficult or inappropriate behaviors, child care programs and preschools, developmental delays, including speech, physical disabilities or hearing, local recreation and sports programs, classes for parents on child development, positive discipline and parenting skills, financial assistance, support groups for parents and children, intensive needs services and respite care, drug or alcohol use or abuse.