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Laurel Regional Hospital Center

General hospital that offers inpatient psychiatry and dual diagnosis services, an acute inpatient adolescent program, outpatient addictions program & emergency room assessments. Insurance – All insurances accepted.

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Howard County General Hospital

General hospital that offers emergency room assessments and acute inpatient psychiatric care. Psychiatric in-patient unit has several beds dedicated to adolescents. Insurance – All insurances accepted.

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Naomi Weller

Outpatient counseling services to children, adolescent & adults. Specialty is trauma, anxiety and autism. Insurance – all insurances accepted Language – interpreters available.

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Ann J. Rochford, LCSW-C

Outpatient psychotherapy for adolescents and adults. Expert areas include anxiety, depression and transitions to new stages of life. Psychotherapeutic approaches include Behavior Modification, Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Role Playing. Insurance – all medical insurance, Medicare, Tricare.

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Suzanne Lescht, LCSW-C

Outpatient counseling to adults and couples. Insurance – all insurance

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